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5 Kristen Stewart Fashion Advice We Never Thought She’d Give
Caprice Miranda
You see, up till recently, I never would’ve told you that Kristen Stewart is a fashion icon. In fact, many of the outfits she used to go out in seemed like she dressed in the dark, which is ironic because she is – after all, the highest paid celebrity today. At least, recently, it seems as if she’s changed stylists, or maybe she actually got one for her’s and the fashion police’s sake.


Yes, fashionistas, it seems as if Twilight’s rock-glam, “I don’t really give a s***” Kristen Stewart has finally found a way to melt the hearts of people and the fashion police – well, maybe that was before she cheated on Robert Pattinson, right? Right.
Anyway, I never thought she’d give me some insights on fashion at all. But analyzing her outfits, I realized she actually has a lot of advice for us, who adore fashion.

Simplicity is elegance

You see, fashionistas, this is the best thing about Kristen Stewart. Unlike Lady Gaga who goes around wearing outrageous outfits, Stewart is pretty much bent on being simple. She likes going out in simple dresses, wearing simple, but designer fashion jewelry and impressing us with how great she looks in them. Although our favorite Joan of Arc Snow White doesn’t go out in too loud colors, she definitely shines in cream colors, simple color-block dresses and lace in basic colors.

Surprise people by being bold and confident

I admit, I am definitely one of these people that she was able to surprise. After practically dominating various worst dressed list for months after her rise in fame with Twilight, she has come out in great style, “fashionably late”, pun intended. With her boldness and confidence in being herself, anything she wears today makes her look like the highest paid actress that she is. You see, sometimes, it’s not in the clothes that you wear. It’s in the confidence on how you wear them that matter.

Be different from others

Too many people are afraid to be different. This is a good thing for celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Lady Gaga, who aren’t afraid to show people who they truly are. While Kristen Stewart has a very private, but frank personality, she’s not afraid to at least try to be fashionable, wearing a variety of outfits she never used to be seen with. Her change in fashion has definitely caught the eyes of many.

So, do you think Lady Stewart is fashionable, you might want to check out The Evolution of Kristen Stewart as an Actress and as a Fashion Icon. 


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